Session Drummer-Klemen Markelj-Promo Video

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Bubnjar Početnik
Bubnjar Početnik
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Session Drummer-Klemen Markelj-Promo Video

Post by klemen » January 27th, 2016, 10:19 am ... 034479407/

Online Session Drummer-Klemen Markelj
- on drums no EQ, compression or effects,..

For the rec. I use
1x Shure SM 57 for snare
2x Shure Beta 52 for kicks (for one kick set up I use one in and one out)
2x Audix D2 for tom 1,2 (10,12,)
1x Audix D4 for tom 3 (14)
1x Audix D6 for tom 4 (16)
1x AKG for bass gong
1x Audix i5 for this rec on bongos usually bottom for snare
2x Audix ADX 51 for OH
1x Audix SCX1( here for rototoms not the best option but,..) usualy I use for main hi hat or for room, very good for room!

MacBook Pro
M-Audio Profire 2626

Online session drummer:

Contact me at with some mp3 examples of your music.

We can then discuss what would be the best approach to take with getting you the right drum parts and drum sounds for your tracks.

Once recorded, I will send you mp3s for approval, with the drums roughly mixed in. If you are happy, then once you have made payment via Paypal, I will then send the drums as isolated mic tracks Reaper session.

Session Drummer-Klemen Markelj-The Ocean(promo video)

-A 15/8, here I orchestrated ghost notes on bongos, tom toms, rototoms and jam block(second jam block played by right foot)
-B straight 4/4 rock beat
- A 15/8 here I play some linear drumming, slowly adding extra hi hats, double bass drums and ghost on toms
-B 4/4 with some double bass drum figures
-A 15/8 drum solo
-B 4/4 adding more fast double bass drumming
-A 15/8 power solo-end

Music is The Ocean by Led Zeppelin
Keyboards: Gašper Kačar

Video: Gregor Galjot

Endorsement: Zildjian (The Best of the Best!!)

Zildjian K Custom Hybride: 11 Splash, 17,18,19 Crash 21 Ride, 19 China, 14,5 Hi Hat, 14 New Beat Hi Hat, 15 A Custom Mastersound Hi Hat

Klemen Markelj-Session Drummer
here you can here more of my recordings.

He study at Los Angeles College of Music in 2006, 2009 and 2012,:Joe Porcaro, Tony Inzalaco, Ralph Humphrey, Gary Ferguson, Dave Beyer, Mike Packer, Richie Gajate Garcia, Dave Pozzi, Matt Starr, Steve Pemberton,.

Drum workshops:Horacio El. Negro Hernandez, Pete Lockett, Bill Bruford, Mike Haid, Petar Curic, Simon Phillips, Jeff Hamilton, Benny Greb, Russ Miller, Peter Erskin, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, Joe Heredia,..

Work with,

Antorino, Avven, Arseia Godalni Orkester, Bad Law, Black Diamond, Big Nina, Boris Brvar, DreamOn, Down Under, Interceptor, Jazz Ensemble-Tony Inzalaco, Jaka Vižintin, Liam, Maja P, Metalsteel, Nessy, Obidil, Oko, Out of Plumb, Pihalni Orkester Alples, Prevara, Rom, Salome, Sašo Guschin trio, Seven That Spells, Trio Arina,The Drinkers, The Fallen Idea, Triglav, Trenutki, Unimogs, Pain in the Ass, …Alberto Albis, Allstair Lasken, Armin Sešek, Ben Heymen, Bernhard Lackner, Brad Rabuchin, Damjan Pančur, Danny Laran, Edward Therens Garcia, Elizabeth Hangan, Elliot Shep Steinwedell, Fernanda Alba, Jackson Allen, Jade Giorno, Jerry Watts Jr., Jonathan Osterling, Joseph Salcedo, Ken Song, Kibrom Ashebir Birhane, Leonardo Nobre, Marcela Campos, Peter Kastner, Sean Traylor, Stephen Mastnak, Steven Peters, Sam Norman, Tony Inzalaco, Tomaž Ahačič, William V Farmakis,…

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